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  • Mono TFT Display Open or Close

    Available models:

    • 3.50" (Resolution: 320 x 240)
    • 5.70" (Resolution: 320 x 240)
    • 6.20" (Resolution: 640 x 320)

    Key Features:

    • Extreme High contrast
    • Wide viewing angles
    • Wide operating temperature
    • Sunlight readability
    • Fast response time

    Targeted appliations:

    • Automotive
    • Industrial

  • TNplus LCD (True-black LCD)Open or Close


      1. True black background color
      2. Same effect as Black masking LCD without light leakage of off segments
      3. High contrast : around 1000 :1
      4. Wide viewing angle
      5. Wide operating temperature


      1. Reverse image a certain viewing angle
      2. Needed higher Vlcd (4.5 volts at 1/4duty, 10volts at 1/16duty)
      3. Up to 1/16duty
      4. Negative type LCD

    Applications :

    • Medical
    • Automotive
    • White goods
    • Instruments

    1/4duty Icons model 2x16line Characters model

  • CTOUCH-LCD (Integrated Capacitive Touch Switch on LCD)Open or Close

    Simplified Interface between Human and Mono TN/STN LCD.
    Do not need extra Touch screen and Areas for Touch switch.
    Need Touch switch controller IC.

  • Field Sequential Color DisplayOpen or Close

    8 ~ 27 Color display using Field sequential switching driving

    - Amusement Park (Pachinko, Slot machines)
    - Public Information – Advertisement
    - Household electrical Appliances

  • Manufacturing ServicesOpen or Close

    Design and Contract Manufacturing


    1. ODM Product Design Services : EE, ME, S/W & ID.
        1.1 PCB schematic, Layout routing design services using PAD tools.
        1.2 Embedded in C++, Linux Kernel, Android, Protocol Stack such as GSM, IEEE802.11 / 16
              and others.
        1.3 Software Programming TCPIP, Network, VOIP, Java Scripts, Vs-Works, Window CE
              and others.
        1.4 Mechanical Design services using Pro-Engineering and Solid-Works CADCAM tools
              and others.
    2. Product Test Software Development Services.
    3. Full Type Approval Management Services includes FCC, CE, UL and others.
    4. Product Reliability (Software & Hardware Accelerated Life Test incl. HALT).


    Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) & Consultancy

    • PCBA manufacturing services (incl. Semiconductor Packaging).
    • Box Build Assembly & Testing Services.
    • Full Turnkey and Consign Material includes component sourcing Services.


    Value Added and Solution:

    1. Product Design concept realization services:
        1.1 PCBA & ME Design and prototyping Services.
        1.2 Box Builds Assembly & Testing.
        1.3 Product Test Software development services transfer to manufacturing line.
        1.4 Box Build Services

    2. Provide Product Testing Services (Prototype and Mass Production):
        2.1 Design production Automatic Test Software improve output.
        2.2 Design production Jig & Test Fixture.

    3. Provide Product RELIABILITY & Solution Services:
        3.1 EMC Measurement and Troubleshooting Services.
        3.2 FCC preliminary measurement.
        3.3 ESD Test Measurement.
        3.4 Temperature shock test.
        3.5 RF Test.

    4. Mass Production Service:
        4.1 Location: Malaysia / China

    5. Provide Independent Project Management Consultancy (Advisory) Services:
        5.1 Review & provide solution to customer design EE/ ME/ SW algorithm and
              Total Direct Material costing.
        5.2 Review & provide solution to customer manufacturing process, Safety procedure,
              PMP, Quality Plan : IQC,OQC, IPQC.
        5.3 Review & provide solution to customer EMC compatibility, FCC, CE & ESD type
              approval compliances.
        5.4 Bill Of Material Cost down & Procurement Consultant Services.
        5.5 Advisor to customer to conduct Design and Manufacturing Process compliance Audit.


  • LCD Display for Public Information DisplayOpen or Close

    • 8 Color Display at R,G,B LED Backlight
    • So high Contrast (above 1000:1) and Wide Viewing Angle
    • Static driving
    • Extreme Brightness : 800 to 1000cd/m2 on LCD





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