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The plant is equipped with an ultra modern, highly automated state of the art display manufacturing line. The display manufacturing line has been conceived and designed to meet the most stringent performance and quality specifications as required by the latest display applications.

Supporting facilities installed in the plant such as the 24 hours particle count, temperatures and humidity monitoring and control, are equally superior and critical in ensuring a consistently high quality and reliable product. The key production lines are house in a class 1k to 10k cleaned room measuring 35,000 sq.ft.

This ultra modern line is further complemented by the latest downstream manufacturing facilities such as Chip on Glass (COG), Chip on Flex (COF), Tape Automated Bonding (TAB), Chip On Board (COB) and assemblies for LCD Module, thus making it a one-stop solution center for LCD requirements.

CCT is committed towards quality assurance.
In line with worldwide demand for total quality systems, in 2001 CCT achieved the International Standards Organisation’s Quality Standard ISO9001:2000.  ISO140001 and TS16949 (recertification)

CCT’s current quality management systems incorporate the following:

  • In house inspection of the quality of all incoming raw materials.
  • In-process quality controls and statistical process characterisations are used to monitor processes and ensure products are manufactured to stringent market requirements.
  • Small Group Activities (SGA) and Total Preventive Management (TPM) programs.
  • Product reliability and testing of products in the form of life span, temperature, humidity and functional testing are consistently carried out.
  • All products are inspected and tested to assure products meet stringent market requirements.

Quality  Policy Statement
We take the pride in our commitment to consistently meet or exceed:

  • Our Customers’ quality requirements
  • Our Customers’ Delivery Schedule Requirements

Our continuous emphasis in catering for to our customers’ ever changing requirements has also put us in the forefront of breakthrough technology in the area of liquid crystal display.

In pursuant of this commitment, we diligently practice continuous preventative action policies and continuous instilling an innovative and dynamic culture within our working environment.






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